Top 4 Clothing Design Websites to Sell Your Clothes Online

The fashion industry is big and continues to grow at supersonic speeds. In fact, it is estimated to be worth 3 billion dollars today. Experts project that the fashion industry will grow threefold in the next 10 years. Due to this rapid growth, cloth sellers have flocked to online stores to conveniently and quickly sell their clothes to prospective consumers. There is a ton of clothing design websites to sell your clothes online. Below is a rundown of the top 5 websites that offer the best possibilities:

Poshmark – A mobile online platform for selling clothes online

Poshmark is an online mobile marketplace where you can buy and sell designer or vintage clothes. You can also get clothes from top brands like Luis Vuitton, Brandy Melville, Gucci and so on. First, you have to download the Poshmark app on your iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. Once the app is downloaded, you can create an account using your email or your Facebook account link. Start to list your clothes and sell. However, there is a catch: Poshmark will deduct 20% of any sale you make.

The upside to this site is that customer service is up to the mark, and it enables you to show your clothes on Facebook. The trick to selling clothes on Poshmark is to be as honest as possible. Take professional pictures of yourself or someone wearing the clothes to give a better idea of the fit and overall condition. Also, take pictures with natural light, show different sides of the clothes, and highlight any stains or defects on the clothes.

Refashioner – One of the best clothing design websites to sell vintage and designer clothes

Refashioner is another cool site to sell your vintage and designer clothes. However, you have to get deeply involved to sell you clothes, the clothes must be top quality, and selling is by invitation only. All your fashion items are thoroughly vetted, and you’re issued with a shipping label. Refashioner also requires that you tell a story about each listed cloth. They believe that each cloth has a story. This is to inspire prospective customers to buy. Refashioner takes 22 percent commission on any sale you make. The key to faster selling on refashioner is to take numerous pictures of the cloth and tell an interesting story about it.

The Realreal – The easiest clothing design website to sell your clothes

If you’re looking for a platform for selling clothes online, the Realreal is your go-to site. It’s a cost-effective platform since they can pick up your items from your house as long as you’ve more than 10 items to sell and live in proximity to their in-home pickup area. Your clothes will be verified, photographed, and price-tagged and listed on your sales account. The Realreal have strict authentication procedure. Your clothes must not be more than 10 years old, and must originate from designers listed in their designer directory.

The commissions here are a bit different. If you manage to record sales of more than $10,000 in a year, you get 70 percent of the net sales. On the other hand, if you record a sale of less than $10,000. You get 60 percent of net sales.

Enjoy unique online clothing business opportunities with Tradesy

Tradesy is a platform to conveniently and easily sell your new or slightly used clothes online. You only need to set up your account, take photos of your clothes (the site will optimize the photos for you), include a brief description and Tradesy sells them for you. If you have no idea what to charge for your clothes, Tradesy can help. With all the efforts, the site only takes 9% percent commission on each cloth they sell for you.


Selling clothes online can be a tricky business if you have no idea where to start. It can even be trickier to find a platform that matches your personal preferences. This article provides you a starting point. If you’re looking for online clothing business opportunities, put these 4 platforms on top of your list. If you want another option, Shopify is also a platform to sell your clothes online.